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2019/01/20 at 11:42 PM

How Much Can I Move With a Man and Van Service?

Several psychological studies ensure that changing one’s home is one of the most stressful experiences. When you are going to face one of the dreaded national moves or there is a need to move interstate, these are just some tips to get the right choice of a moving company.

Plan ahead

Do not leave everything for the last minute. Think about what is needed and, based on that, choose the company that is considered most appropriate. A tip: the cheap is expensive, much more when the removals are usually services that are used very rarely in life. Therefore, it is advisable to have a company that assumes most tasks to prevent any of their possessions from being lost or damaged. A company with a good reputation, brand image or a long history will almost always be a winning horse.
This occurs with much more reasonable if it is a national move or an international move. Or if the change of address involves moving paintings, delicate objects, porcelain figures or other works of art or musical instruments. The more complex, it is much more advisable to resort to a consolidated company. The tranquillity is priceless.

Help in preparing the budget

When it comes to preparing the budget for the move, you notice right away when you work with an expert professional. The cost of work must be set based on several criteria that need the client’s information. For example, the quantity and volume of the equipment or the distance between the new and the old house, the access to the house, the possibility of using a lift or not, the dates to carry out the transfer, are elements to be taken into account.

The type of packaging is also important. Porcelain tableware, a valuable table or a remarkable presence of delicate objects imply the need to have the best professionals and the best materials to pack. As we said before, with consolidated companies, with experts in removals that will almost always have international experience.

Normally, a well-prepared company will offer, for example, several possibilities when it comes to packaging and therefore protect their objects: boxes of various sizes of reinforced cardboard, wooden boxes made to measure for works of art and especially fragile elements, bubble paper, 5-layer blanket paper, cotton blankets for furniture protection or specific closet boxes with hangers for hanging clothes. Carrying or moving does not stop being a craft with art.

Discard the superfluous

Finally, another good advice. Do not get carried away by nostalgia and should take advantage of the move to get rid of all those objects accumulated for years that no longer have neither utility nor sentimental value. To make that work so painful a little more comfortable, it is recommended to sell the dispensable online. This and a moving company with a reputation will make this change of housing more bearable and pleasant.

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